September 29, 2019

Ravenol 10W50 RSE Servicing

$118 for asian car make & $128 for European/GM/Continental car make.

To Schedule an Appointment: Call +65 8838 8851 | +65 8858 8851

Operating Hour:

Price Inclusive of:

  • Up to 4L Ravenol 10W50 RSE Engine Oil*
  • Engine oil filter
  • Labour to replace
  • Safety points check include: Battery, cooling system, windshield washer & wiper, clutch & brake fluid, auto transmission & gearbox fluid, differential oil, power steering oil, radiator cap, air filter, lightings & horn, tires & inflation pressure, air condition, brake linings, brake pad & rotor, clutch pedal, parking brakes, brakes line pipes & hoses, cooling system hoses, drive belting, bolts & nits on undercarriage, engine mounting & gearbox mounting, ball joints, drive shaft boots, front & rear suspensions and engine oil drips.

Terms & Conditions

  • Additional $28/L for all car beyond 4L.
  • *Original engine oil filter available at additional cost, subjected to car make and model.
  • *Promotion is valid for UP TO 4L, any balance engine oil is belong to workshop.
  • *All Servicing is BRAND NEW SEALED Genuine Engine Oil. Promotion package is to be “consume” within workshop ONLY.
  • Genuine purpose, we do not accept top up engine oil from other source, strictly only engine oil from our workshop.
  • Any Job not listed above is subjected to additional labour/part charge. 
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