Why does the Check Engine light come on?

It’s what almost every motorist has to go through once in a while: the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light. If this warning light stays on, it means that your vehicle’s computer has detected a problem that can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy and emissions. Let’s explore your options on how to deal with Read more about Why does the Check Engine light come on?[…]

Bardahl Engine Oil

Bardahl Engine Oil

Bardahl XTC Synthetic Euro Passenger Car Oil 5W-40 is a high performance synthetic oil designed to meet the latest car manufacturers’ warranty requirements. Specifically formulated to meet the demands of the small displacement high RPM fuel efficient engines found in today’s automobiles. These engines experience higher operating temperatures and require motor oil which offers maximum protection against Read more about Bardahl Engine Oil[…]


RACING RAVENOL RSE SAE 10W-50 is a modern, fully synthetic, fuel-saving, low friction multigrade engine oil. RAVENOL RSE SAE 10W-50 is well-suited to modern petrol engines for car racing, even when subject to the highest levels of strain. As a result of its special additives using tungsten, RAVENOL RSE SAE 10W-50 is also suitable for extremely sporty driving styles. It Read more about RAVENOL RSE SAE 10W-50[…]

Car Reinforce Stablizer Strut Bar, Antin-Roll Bar, H-Bar

What is a Front Strut Bar? Mounted at the front chassis for strengthening purposes. To eliminate all the suspension noise and more stability during acceleration, hard driving and braking (simulating race track conditions). Every vehicle’s front chassis is different therefore designs and develops the front bars based on the actual conditions of the vehicle, repeatedly Read more about Car Reinforce Stablizer Strut Bar, Antin-Roll Bar, H-Bar[…]

Keeping Healthy Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning Service A regular car air conditioner service or re-gas will help to ensure optimum passenger comfort, particularly on those hot summer days when you need it the most. Contrary to what some people believe, an auto air-conditioner system does not simply blow cold air into the car. The Air-con system is actually Read more about Keeping Healthy Car Air Conditioning[…]

Ceramic Vs. Metallic Brake Pads

Ceramic Brake Pads or Metallic Brake Pads Which Is Better? We are often asked about the difference between Metallic Brake Pads, and Ceramic Brake Pads, so here is a brief overview of the history, formulation, and application of friction materials. Keep in mind that every manufacturer uses their own proprietary blend of materials. In the Read more about Ceramic Vs. Metallic Brake Pads[…]

Which direction do my new drilled and slotted rotors go?

We are often asked if there is a left and right rotor, or if they can be used for either side. We do machine our rotors directionally. We cut one for the left side, and one for the right side. This is done to help pinwheel the heat, gases, water, dust & debris, etc., away Read more about Which direction do my new drilled and slotted rotors go?[…]

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