April 27, 2017

Motor Car Undercarriage

While much attention is given to maintaining the topside of a vehicle, often the undercarriage of an auto is not given much thought. However, the undercarriage of an auto can suffer damage as well as the top; the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is not a good one to apply to the undercarriage of a vehicle.

Undercarriage damage refers to harm done to the supporting framework underneath a vehicle.The undercarriage holds vital parts, such as wheels, axles, brake lines and exhaust systems. Damage done on the road can be covered by insurance depending upon the circumstances.

Worn-Out Shock Absorbers
Worn-out shock absorbers can lead to damage to the undercarriage of a vehicle. A vehicle with worn-out shocks can lead to excessive jolts for a vehicle; a good hard jolt could knock loose components underneath a vehicle such as exhaust system brackets.

Mud can be a problem in some regions and can take a toll on the undercarriage of a vehicle. If caked-on mud is not washed off the undercarriage of a vehicle, it can hold in moisture, which can cause rust.

Striking Rocks or Debris in Road
Sometimes the undercarriage of a vehicle can be damaged from striking objects the vehicle passes over. Damage could include a rock puncturing an oil pan, or a muffler being torn loose. Vehicles with low profiles are more prone to this type of damage.

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