April 27, 2017

Electronic Diagnostic

When something goes wrong with your car, the computer senses the fault and turns on your dashboard’s warning lights. These warning lights usually indicate major faults. From problems with the battery to engine failure shouldn’t ever be ignored. If you see a warning light, don’t ignore it book it in to Legacy Tecnica Motorsports for repair. We’ll use our diagnostic equipment to scan your warning light system and find out where the problem is. The sooner we identify the problem, the sooner you’ll be moving again.

An automobile does not just run on gasoline alone. There is a very sophisticated electrical system within the car that produces the energy necessary to propel forward. Those same energy sources will also operate the power locks, windows, and other conveniences that many of us simply take for granted. It is possible that problems from time to time will develop and finding out what those challenges are can help with any maintenance or repair work needed to be done.

The first thing that needs to be inspected is the battery itself. If this experiences difficulty it will be immediately noted throughout the electrical systems. A clue to the possible problems can be a car that is not starting properly or the headlights are dimming. A voltmeter can be used to assess the battery voltage. A car should be registering between 14 to 15 V when the engine is on. Any voltage reading more or less than that indicates there is a problem with the battery. The wires connected to the battery should also be looked at. It is quite possible the only difficulty is a loose battery connection.

The alternator may be a problem. This part of the car generates electrical charge that stimulates the battery and recharges it. If the battery is not able to keep the charge when all of the electrical accessories are turned off then the alternator should be checked. A simple troubleshooting for the alternator is to check the dashboard lights. If these can turn on brightly but then begin to fade, the alternator may be the problem.

The distributor is important to the ignition and also is responsible for allocating current to the spark plugs of the car. Difficulty in starting the car or high-pitched squeals when the ignition is turned on are symptoms of distributor problems. Another warning is if the car is shaking while it is at a red light. The distributor cap can be the source of current difficulties. There should be no erosion on its surface. It is also possible that the rotor inside of the distributor is not spinning as it should, and it is throwing off the timing.

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