April 27, 2017

Spray Painting

In Legacy Tecnica Motorsports, we treat all car as our very own. Ranging from internal, engine, wheel to body parts, we put in 100% caution and hard work to ensure the outcome of the repair & replacement is satisfied by our customer.  Legacy Tecnica Motorsports equipped with state of the art vehicle body repair equipment to ensure total reliability and complete accuracy in vehicle repair and quality spray painting service for your vehicle. We have numbers of experienced and committed personnel that will assist you in all aspect of your vehicle body repair and paint works including all accident claims and dealing with the Insurance Companies.

What is Panel Beating & Bodywork?

Panel Beating is a process of recover your vehicle structure to it original after the event of either a major or minor accident. Legacy Tecnica Motorsports perform the necessary repairs to the main panels and sub panels of any vehicle, which may also include making and forming new panels using either machines or hand tools. We aim to restore any vehicle to pre-accident condition. That is the ultimate goal of Legacy Tecnica Motorsports.

Some of the tasks that Legacy Tecnica Motorsports performed as part of our job include:

  • Removing, repairing & replacing damaged panels on any vehicle
  • Making or forming panels to replaced damaged ones
  • Repair dents on a damaged vehicle using fillers
  • Filing, grinding & sanding the body of a vehicle to restore a smooth vehicle surface
  • Re-fit body hardware, such as door locks
  • Realign chassis & body frames
  • Removing & replacing a vehicle’s auto-electric components if damaged

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